Temporary Safety Fence Hire in Warkworth

An essential element of any construction project, a temporary fence helps keep your site secure. At DuraBuild, we have our own temporary safety fencing solution which we not only use on our own projects, but also offer for hire. Our temporary fence for hire is a quality near new product which will secure your next building site.


Hire a Temporary Fence

Providing a strong visual indication to passersby that construction is in progress, a temporary fence effectively contains hazards within an area and keeps out people who are not permitted to enter your site. 

According to the New Zealand building code, a temporary fence is required where building work poses a hazard in area where the general public have access. Our temporary safety fence for hire adheres to all of the building codes requirements meaning your building site will be secure, while also ticking all the boxes.

Based in Warkworth, we hire our temporary safety fence to businesses and individuals around the Warkworth region. Ideal for project both big and small we offer a quality fencing solution, at a competitive rate.

Hire Our Temporary Fencing

If you are interested in hiring our temporary safety fencing system, please get in touch with us via the contact form below, or simply give us a call on 021 0584 640