Design Process

We understand that undertaking a new build project can seem like a daunting endeavour – particularly if it’s your first time! At DuraBuild Construction, we believe that building your new home should be an enjoyable experience. This is why we guide you each step of the way, ensuring your new build runs smoothly!

  • Site Feasibility

    01Site Feasibility

    We kick the project off by doing the correct due diligence. We will review your property, letting you know what is possible with your new build.

  • Surveying & Engineering Reports

    02Surveying & Engineering Reports

    From site surveys to topographical reports, well organised and managed engineering & professional reports are the key to a swift consent prosess. We ensure that you get all the reports you need.

  • Council & Building Consent

    03Council & Building Consent

    Navigating the the local council and getting building consents can be a bit of an undertaking, paticularly if it's your first time. We ensure that you have all the bits of paper and reports you need for a swift consent process.

  • Earthworks & Home Build

    04Earthworks & Home Build

    Moving on the paperwork to earthwork we take care of all earthworks, and prepare your property for foundations. Once completed we move onto the final, most exciting stage - building you your brand new home!

  • StreamliningNew Home Builds

    At DuraBuild Construction, we pride ourselves on making the new home build experience as stress-free and easy going as possible. What is often underestimated in a new build project is just how many different people are involved.

    Surveyors, architects, engineers, the local council - all people who speak a very different language. Co-ordinating all involved parties and getting the right reports from the right people at the right time is enough to put many off a new build all together!

    Our experienced managers work with tried and trusted local suppliers to ensure that all aspects of your new build are well coordinated. So take the stress and guess work out of your next new home build, get in touch with the team at DuraBuild Construction today!