Sponsored By DuraBuild Construction

DuraBuild is proud to announce our support for the New Zealand Long Drive Championships 2018. Held March 24 & 25 at Omaha Beach Golf Club, DuraBuild construction is a major sponsor of the event which will feature 60 golfers competing for an all-expenses paid trip to attend the Volvik Long Drive World Championship in the United States.

The event, organised by International Golf Associates New Zealand (IGANZ) will showcase NZ’s best long drive athletes. Long drive events are won by the player who can hit the ball furthest within a grid that is 450 metres by 45 metres.

Get your tickets to the 2018 Long Drive Championships here.

Why We Support Long Drive 2018

Completing a number of new home builds throughout Omaha, as well as enjoying many staff events at Omaha Beach Golf Club, supporting the Long Drive 2018 event was a natural fit. Bringing such a popular event, featuring several top 100 golfers will be great for the local region, which is why we put our support behind it in the hopes that the event will continue to return for future competitions.

Any event that showcases our region in a positive light will have the support of DuraBuild Construction as we continue to work with locals to deliver quality construction services to the greater Warkworth region.